Mary Stalvey

Ask Me About Lucy!

Most of us will have issues during our lifetime that require us to seek legal advice. My single goal is to make your experience with Clemmons Law Firm, LLC a pleasant one – from the time you call us or walk through our door. I think first impressions are the lasting impressions, and I want you to feel welcomed. Kindness, helpfulness, respect, and providing a wonderful customer experience runs through our veins!

I have been the voice that you hear when you call Clemmons Law Firm, LLC for several years now. I am also the smiling ace that welcomes you when you walk into Clemmons Law Firm, LLC. I consider myself a very compassionate and understanding person. I love meeting people and love hearing about their life and experiences.

FUN FACT – My 9-year-old son rescued a very young Britannia Petite rabbit named Lucy. We were buddies until she passed away 5 years later.