Title, Deeds, & Construction / Conversion Financing

Titles & Deeds

Clemmons Law Firm prepares titles and deeds for real property. Clemmons Law Firm writes insurance policies for First American Title Insurance Company. Annually, Clemmons Law Firm is a top seller of insurance policies for First American Title Insurance Company. We diligently research for any and all encumbrances placed upon real property. After we have thoroughly researched the history of the property, we will ensure our title research.

At Clemmons Law Firm, we also write deeds for property transactions. We provide everything you need to complete the entirety of your real estate transactions.

Construction/Conversion Financing

Clemmons Law Firm prepares closing documents for construction and conversion financing. Whether you are building a new property or improving your current one, Clemmons Law Firm will help you in the closing process. Our staff is efficient, courteous, and eager to help you build your new project.

For more information on title and deed preparation or construction/conversion financing, contact Clemmons Law Firm today.

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