Immigration | Visas | Residency | Naturalization | Employment


When it comes to issues related to immigration & naturalization, navigating the legal system can often be intimidating & confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Clemmons Law Firm offers a full range of immigration services, and we are also committed to compassionate, tenacious advocacy on behalf of individuals & families within our community that may be facing discrimination or deportation.


Areas in which we can offer assistance include:

  • Visas (J1 Visas & Student Visas)
  • Establishing Residency (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Naturalization (Obtaining U.S. Citizenship)
  • Fast-Tracked Citizenship for Immigrants Who Have Served In The U.S. Military
  • Family-Based Citizenship For Relatives Of Permanents Resident or U.S. Citizens
  • Employment Immigration (Permanent Worker Visa Preferences)
  • Issues Related To Discrimination

Whatever you are facing you we will help you with urgency, dedication to understanding your needs, commitment to your case, and compassion.

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