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Alan Clemmons

Alan Clemmons Myrtle Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

I am a proud fourth generation native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Upon my graduation from Myrtle Beach High School in 1977, I volunteered to be a lay missionary to the native Maya of Southern Mexico, where I served until 1980. When I returned to Myrtle Beach, I attended Coastal Carolina University and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I then paused my education and worked in hotel and resort property management for five years. After gaining valuable experience in the Myrtle Beach business world, I continued my education to receive my law degree in December 1989, from Minnesota’s Hamlin University School of Law. In 1990, I was administered the oath as a member of the South Carolina Bar.

It has been my honor to serve the people of Myrtle Beach as an attorney and also as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, where I was duly elected in 2002. Today, I am serving as Chairman of the House Rules Committee.

After recognizing the need for legal services for those suffering financial hardship across the Grand Strand, I added a bankruptcy department within Clemmons Law Firm, LLC. Since then I have been able to assemble a staff that maintains a commitment to providing compassionate, caring, and professional assistance to those in need.

Attorneys Patty Anderson and Spencer Powell have been great additions to our firm and do an excellent job at leading our bankruptcy team. Both attorneys, along with our support staff, are available to help any citizen of the Grand Strand with any financial challenge that he or she might face.

FUN FACT – My hobby is farming! On the farm I raise chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Patricia H. Anderson

Myrtle Beach Bankruptcy Lawyer Patricia Anderson

After twenty years in the business profession, I decided to attend law school and become an attorney. My passion to help people in and around the Myrtle Beach area and make a difference in an individual’s life has led me to become a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy law affords me the ability to possess the qualities of an attorney I always envisioned: sensitivity, dedication, integrity, and compassion.

I am able to help clients change their life and situation, relieve the overwhelming pressure and stress they face, and find a positive solution in a very frightening and difficult time. The ability to use bankruptcy law to bring a swift resolution to a troubled client’s financial situation is the ultimate reward as an attorney. The “Beauty in Bankruptcy” is the smile that appears through the anguish and tears I often see on my clients’ faces. For this experience, I am filled with humility and gratitude to be the bankruptcy attorney you choose.

FUN FACT – I am considered a dare devil! I have skydived and owned my own Harley. I live at the beach but never go to the beach because I am afraid of the WATER!


Spencer R. Powell

Bankruptcy Lawyer Mr Spencer in Myrtle Beach, SC

I grew up in the small town of Johnsonville, South Carolina, before leaving to attend Clemson University from 2008-2012. I decided in college that I wanted to continue my learning experience, so I enrolled at the Charlotte School of Law in 2012. After graduating from law school in 2015, I gained admittance into the South Carolina Bar that same year. I immediately found a job as a bankruptcy attorney and began helping people file for bankruptcy.

I have been practicing bankruptcy law for over a year now and have found that working in this particular field can be one of the most gratifying jobs for an attorney. The clients that I serve are typically struggling financially and feel that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Bankruptcy allows these people to have that burden lifted off of them to live without the stress of debt. One of the biggest rewards I can receive as a person, as well as an attorney, is that I helped change a person’s life for the better and bankruptcy law allows me to do that each day.

FUN FACT – I am an avid sports fan and was formerly a sportswriter in college, where I wrote articles for a newspaper and website.


Laura Clemmons

Laura Clemmons Myrtle Beach bankruptcy & office manager.

I am the Firm Manager of Clemmons Law Firm, LLC. I am also married to the founder of Clemmons Law Firm, LLC, Alan Clemmons. Before Alan attended law school, almost thirty years ago, we depended upon lawyers from time to time to handle our legal needs. Going into those offices was very intimidating so when I became the Firm Manager at Clemmons Law Firm, LLC, my main goal was to make each client that walked through our doors feel welcome, comfortable, and not intimidated by a stiff atmosphere.

When clients enter our office they are stressed and often depressed because of their financial situations. Uncomfortable financial situations can happen to any of us and we all know and understand that. My grandmother taught me to treat others like I would want to be treated. When clients come out of the conference room from meeting with her, they usually have smiles on their faces! It is gratifying to see that our firm has been able to help yet another person or family in despair and that we have provided efficient, courteous, and respectful service.

FUN FACT – I am a Cowgirl at heart. I have participated in rodeo competitions!


Rhonda Walters

Rhonda Walters bankruptcy help myrtle beach

I began my legal career in 2013 working for another firm in Myrtle Beach, also in the bankruptcy field. In 2016 I had the pleasure of joining Clemmons Law Firm, LLC and have not regretted my decision in doing so. I truly love putting my people skills to work and associating myself with the clients that walk through the doors of the firm.

I love helping people! Yes, bad things do happen but that does not mean that tomorrow won’t be better. My desire is to help clients understand that no matter where you are in life, this moment is only a speck of paint on the canvas of life we are all painting. It does not dictate your future! I look forward to helping you!

FUN FACT – In 1991 I was a extra on the Disney movie set of “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” filmed right here on location in Myrtle Beach!




Mary Stalvey

Bankruptcy help in Myrtle Beach by Mary at Clemmons Law Firm Bankruptcy Division

Most of us will have issues during our lifetime that require us to seek legal advice. My single goal is to make your experience with Clemmons Law Firm, LLC a pleasant one – from the time you call us or walk through our door. I think first impressions are the lasting impressions, and I want you to feel welcomed. Kindness, helpfulness, respect, and providing a wonderful customer experience runs through our veins!

I have been the voice that you hear when you call Clemmons Law Firm, LLC for several years now. I am also the smiling ace that welcomes you when you walk into Clemmons Law Firm, LLC. I consider myself a very compassionate and understanding person. I love meeting people and love hearing about their life and experiences.

FUN FACT – My 9-year-old son rescued a very young Britannia Petite rabbit named Lucy. We were buddies until she passed away 5 years later.


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